About B & H
Surgical Instrument

B&H SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS have been serving the surgical instrument manufacturing since 1995 and during this time we have secured a reputation for both quality and innovation. From our manufacturing base in Sialkot, qualified technicians have been producing a wide range of instrumentation for use in many areas of surgery.
Our innovative approach combined with years of experience has resulted an expansion of scope encompassing new technical advancements within the Healthcare industry.

Our continued Commitment to quality has ensured that our products are manufactured to the highest standard having been assessed and register as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO13485 and European Directive Annex V and Annex II (excluding section 4) we are safe in the knowledge that our quality is our guarantee.

 Our company is proud of its history of achievement in the innovation of many new concepts and products which have assisted thousands of patients, surgeons and hospitals worldwide.

B & H is proud of its history of success in the development of many new concepts and products that have aided thousands of patients, surgeons, and hospitals around the world.

Our products are design and manufacture as per relevant international standard. B&H insist on quality core value and we know the quality standard must be applied in manufacturing process. We have quality awareness in whole manufacturing process and quality management system, every detail of material classification, production and shipments. We apply the strict quality management system and carry them out officially. Eighty percent of our staff have advance specialize skilled and years of experience ensuring the every batch meet the expected standard. Our company has also applied environment and social standards. We have good reputation throughout the world to supply world class products. Our aim even to provide the best quality and services to all our customers.